PRPro Online Press Release Distribution Service
Call us at 845-255-7560 (or purchase a 48 hour trial online right away) and we will set you up with a 48 hour fully functional account for only 95.00 - FAR less than you would pay any reputable service (Cision, Vocus, Business Wire, PR Newswire) to distribute even one press release. If you like the program, the fee will be credited. Click the blue "See how!" links below to watch how easily and quickly you can distribute your press releases in real time. The full working version (one year subscription) is only 395.00 - the same price as our media contact data on CD! You won't have to import the data, you won't have to create complex search criteria and you won't have to send any emails from your ISP - PRPro does it all for you.

Distributing press releases has never been easier or more affordable.
Do you need to e-mail all the News and Talk AM radio stations in the top three metro markets? See how!

Or send PR to all religious and Hispanic TV stations in New Mexico, Utah and Nevada?
See how!

How would you select all Weekly newspapers within a 50 mile radius of zipcode 12561?
See how!

Without ever having used our program before, you'll be able to within ONE minute!
These are just samples of what PRPro can do. You are not limited to these criteria.

Send e-mail, create reports, export media contact data
E-mail, regular mail and faxing are all viable methods for press release distribution. PRPro sends e-mail and will export data for use with your own fax software, contact management, email, database or any program that will import data. Don't dismiss faxing or mailing your releases - they are likely to stand out from the crowd.

Don't be fooled by other services claiming "525,000 journalists."
In very round numbers, there are only 13,000 radio/TV stations, 3,000 magazines and 8,000 newspapers in the US. We provide the ONE email, fax and address given to us by the media as appropriate for sending news and press release distribution.

What about all those free press release distribution services?
Caveat emptor! If you are paying nothing, common sense suggests you will likely get nothing. Those sort of press releases end up only online and vanish into to wilderness, despite the SEO claims. Can you recall even one time you found an online press release and were motivated to purchase the product or service?

Traditional media is NOT dead.
Getting your story in even one trade or consumer magazine, securing airtime on a radio or TV station or a newspaper article is FAR more effective than sending your news into cyberspace. Unless you have a large Twitter or blog following, getting any publicity there is next to impossible. Busy editors and journalists do not spend time searching blogs, google news, online press release websites or the internet in general for news. If someone tells you traditional media is dead, they are likely trying to sell you their alternative.

It's from a trusted source . . . and affordable!
Gebbie Press has been in business since 1955 - more than 55 years of publishing media contact information. Respected within the industry, we are well known for providing a quality product at a low price, particularly suited for the small business owner, non-profit organizations, college and universities and individual PR practitioners. We urge you to compare our costs with those of the other reputable publishers. Hiring a PR Firm to distribute your press release is very costly, particularly if you send more than one or two press releases. PRPro allow you to send as many press releases as you want.