Just ONE well placed press release can generate tremendous interest in your products or services.

Every day editors set aside space for press releases about products, services, events and news - why not yours? We offer three ways for you to distribute your releases and contact the media.

1. PRPro, our turnkey online press release distribution service.
Constantly updated, creating a media contact list and press release distribution has never been quicker, easier or more affordable. Click here to watch PRPro in action and for more details.

2. The 2018 All-In-One Media Directory - print version.
A compact yet comprehensive 8 1/2 x 11 reference work detailing media contact information for more than 24,000 media outlets in one place. Click here to view sample pages from all sections of the directory.

3. Excel and .csv data only file formats.
Constantly updated, our media contact database easily imports into your database, mailing list, contact manager, fax, email, spreadsheet or other program. Click here to view sample data files.


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